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  • Stocking Anarchy Anarchy Stocking

    I'm back! (I'm gonna be posting more often!)

    Today's yummylicious treat is...

    Scottish Sweet Buns

     Aye! But it's true, lads n' lassies! This really is delicious!

    As you all might know, this dessert is featured in the Disney movie Brave.


    Gilravage th' treat, mah mukkers! 

    (Translation:Enjoy the treat, my friends!)

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     What's up, guys? Today's dessert is...

    Custard Pudding

    This sweet and wiggly treat is a dessert eaten for fun! Check out the recipe!


    Taste Test: Mmm, I just got a pudding chill! (slang for ecstasy while eating pudding) It's so creamy and amazing! You can top it with caramel or chocolate! If you're the type who doesn't really like jello-like foods, I wouldn't suggest trying this...

    Hmm...what shall I do for Thanksgiving...?! Tell me in the comments below!

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    Hello guys! How was your Halloween yesterday? (I got tons of candy!) 

    Today's blog is a special Halloween edition...! I'm not talking about 1, but 55 halloween-themed treats!


    These cakes are spooky, yummy, and totally amazing! I hope you enjoy\like them!

    They're perfectly healthy, there's nothing unusual inside them, like poison or anything...or is there? Mwahahaha!!! Happy Halloween!!!

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    Hallo frendes! Today I'm gonna review the...

    German Black Forest Cake!

    I just tasted this cake and it's really...chocolety...

    But it's still sweet! Good for a german celebration or party. :)  

    The cherries and whipped cream go good with the chocolate! I really like it! 


    It makes perfect sense why a chocolate cake would be called a forest cake.Yep, perfect sense. Anyways,   Ich hoffe, Sie mochte diesen Beitrag!  That's german for, I hope you liked this blog post!

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    Hello everyone! Today's sweets are...

                                                                                          White Swiss Rolls!


    This delicate, swirly cake is fluffy and sweet to the bite, which is naturally good!


    Taste test:

    It tastes pretty great! The cream-filled center is delish! It really is good together with the moist, fluffy cake! Mmm! :)

    Tune in next time for a sweet treat!

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