This is my Season 2 FanFiction, now being reformed as STOP! We are Demons.

Here's the link to the FanFiction! [LINK TO THE STORY]


Season 2 now takes place in Oten City. The Demon Sisters arrive, in attempt to find Corset & Stocking for an explanation. Once they split up, Scanty finds herself in the care of a Demon named Boxer Blazer. What kind of intentions does he have? Will he gain Scanty's trust, or maybe even her affections. And what will Kneesocks do when she finds out?

Rating might change from T to M (Based on the anime series' Rating).


Concepts to be in the Story

  • Stocking's reasons of joining Corset
  • Garterbelt & Corset's History
  • Panty's Return, Aftermath of what happened to her at the End of Bitch Girls: 2 Bitch
  • Dealing with Scanty's Scar she got from Panty
  • Boxer's Back Story.

Chapter List

Here's is going to be the List of Chapters. (Will be updated with each new avaliable chapter)

  • Ch.1 - The Demon of Oten City!
  • Ch.2 - The Demon of Oten City! Part 2
  • Ch.3 - 

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