So I bought Funimation's DVD release of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, to see if the english Dub was good. And even though it's kinda late to do this seeing as the DVD came out in like July I think. I personaly think the Dub cast was really good choices.

DVD The Complete Series

FUNimation's DVD Release

Reviewing some Voice Actors


I thought the English voice for Panty was really good. It seemed to perfectly fit Panty's.... I guess you could say Bitchy character alot more. Even though some people don't like Panty because of her personality, I think her Voice Actress, Jamie Marchi, did a great job matching the voice with Panty's personality.


Stocking's . It made me feel like she is kind of a bitch like her sister too, more than her Japanese voice. Not to say the Japanese voice was bad at all. I'm just saying that Monica Rial did a good job making me feel like Stocking is a bit of a bitch. Besides, Panty and Stocking are both suppose to be bitches, so it works.


And of course, we got the legendary Chris Sabat to voice as Garterbelt. Even thought I kinda liked the idea of Samuel Jackson doing his voice, since he already didAfro Samurai, another Anime show licensed by FUNimation. But now, after seeing/hearing Chris's performance as the Afro-priest I can say I'm not disappointed at all.

Scanty & Kneesocks

Now it's time to talk about the next two voice actress's performaces that did my favorite characters in the series, the Demon Sisters, Scanty and Kneesocks . All I can say is that I like them even more. Even before I got the DVD when it was released, I saw a clip or two from YouTube on FUNimation's channel that had Colleen Clinkenbeard and Cherami Leigh's voices in it. And I was very impressed. Even though, I have to admit I do missed hearing them saying "RULES" in Japanese.


Last, but not least, another one of my favorite characters, Geek Boy himself. Joel McDonald definately captures the "Shy Otaku with out a backbone" that Brief's character is. Plus I do feel that he does Brief justice, making me feel that Brief is a decent human being, compared to most of the humans we see in the series.

Final Thoughts

I would recommend anybody who is a PSG fan like myself to buy this. Hopefully the DVD sells very well.

And I think I can speak on behalf on all fans of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, by saying:

PLEASE!! PLEASE GAINAX!! WE WANT A SEASON 2!!!! WE ALL WANT IT!! I even made a OC just to do try to make a FanFic related to Season 2!!!

I still have hopes for it, so I might make another Blog regarding Season 2. IDK. XD