I don't know, but I just feel like putting out my ideas on what I think Season 2 would be like. Besides, I think alot of other people had their own ideas of what could be that is Season 2. The First Chapter will be up on FanFiction site around 10/22/12 or 10/24/12.

Mainly I think Season 2 would take place in Oten City, as far as the setting goes.

And I personally think Stocking is not a Demon, cause her weapons still had the Blue/White colors, rather than Yellow/Black.

I'll add my Character, Boxer Blazer, who is Brief's Demon Counterpart (since he's the only Main Character without a counterpart)

Here's some pictures on what he looks like: Boxer Blazer,Sketch, Boxer and Brief, Boxer and Scanty

Boxer's Group Page