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Hey guys, this is the second update in our Wiki Update series. In addition to a few new things, I'd like to point out a few things I missed in the last update.


  • As you may have noticed, older blog posts were not locked as expected and the other JS and CSS modifications have not yet loaded. The reason for this is unknown and is currently being investigated. Edit: This has been fixed and everything is loading correctly.
  • A bot has been set up to handle tedious and repetitive tasks. For more information see the community page on bots.
  • We're aware the wiki activity page is mostly blank. This is due to the actions of the aforementioned bot, which added licensing to ~1,500 images last night. The activity page will be repopulated as new edits are made.
  • We have promoted the wiki and made it eligible to appear on Hopefully, this will attract more editors.
  • Aside from two redirects we found necessary/useful, all ~120 redirects have been eliminated.
  • A character sample has been created; it details how character pages should be formatted.
  • Bütterfly successfully adopted the wiki and has become a bureaucrat.
  • Manic The Hedgehog and Aelita Schaeffer have become administrators.
How do you feel about the use of bots on this wiki?

The poll was created at 21:05 on March 21, 2013, and so far 12 people voted.

Not Recent:

The items listed here range from things that happened a few weeks ago to things that happened yesterday.
  • Live Chat was enabled, allowing user's to talk in real time.
  • User talk pages have been replaced with Message Walls, a much more efficient system. A link to the archive of your talk page is located beneath your message wall.
  • Episode pages have been streamlined into a more efficient, tabbed design.
  • Manga pages have been created with the original scans as well as a tabbed design resembling that of the episode pages.
  • Due to code being deprecated, moz-border-radius and webkit-border-radius have been replaced with border-radius in all (used) templates by Manic The Hedgehog. Currently, three major browsers are supported: Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Internet Explorer and Opera are not supported.
  • The main page design was updated by Bütterfly.
  • Community Messages has been updated, and a poll is taking currently taking place for April 2013's featured article. It can most easily be found on the right sidebar on the wiki activity page.
  • A projects page has been created and is being populated with projects.

Thanks for tuning in to this Wiki Update! Let us know what you think of these additions! We here at the PSG Wiki hope you have a great day/evening!

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