Ugly Snot
Nasal Hymen
Full Name Ugly Snot
Kanji アグリー・スノット
Rōmaji Agurī Sunotto
Also Known As Oscar H. Genius
Race Ghost
Ghost № 43
Form of Death Tripped over a booger
Defeated By Panty
Gender Male
Occupation Celebrity
First Appearance "The Runny"

Oscar H. Genius, also known as Ugly Snot, is a character in Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. He was ghost #43, and the main antagonist in "The Runny".

Ugly Snot was formed after a man tripped over a discarded booger, and died. Like Queen Bee, he was able to take on a human shape. He gave everyone in Daten City a new fetish, called "Nasal Masturbation". His goal was to make everyone die of de-hydration from picking their noses too much.

Panty got an invitation to join him in his private quarters, where it was revealed the ghost was allergic to angelic discharge. At this point, he found out Panty was an angel and was enraged with the fact that he had an angel's finger in his nose. He transformed into a snot-like blimp and flew towards the face of the moon, with the goal of causing the moon to sneeze.

He was defeated after Brief confessed he had been collecting Panty's boogers, which Panty and Stocking used to give the ghost a catastrophic allergic reaction. He is voiced by Vic Mignogna in English.