Kanji トランスホーム
Rōmaji Toransuhōmu
Season 1
Episode № 7A
Air Date JP: November 12, 2010
EN: July 10, 2012
Previous "Les Diaboliques"
Next "The Stripping"

"Trans-homers" is the 12th segment of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. It aired during the seventh episode on November 12, 2010 in Japanese, and on July 10, 2012 in English.


Panty and Stocking's sibling feud escalates into an all-out war when they eat the hearts of two warring alien robots and transform into robots themselves.


The episode starts with a narrator, who explains that in the corner of a galaxy, there are two life forms that have been fighting to death since Creation. The setting changes to Daten City's church, where Brief pleads Garterbelt to stop Panty and Stocking's quarrel. The sky suddenly turns red, and two asteroids come crashing down. A robot comes out of said asteroid, and proceeds to state that a battle is going to take place inside the church.

Femitron, another robot, appears and shoots Masculimus. But Stocking, upon noticing the robot's Guimauve, eats it thinking it would be delicious. Femitron is destroyed, and Stocking transforms into a robot herself. Panty does the same with Masculimus' Guimauve, transforming into a robot too.The Anarchy sisters proceed to transform several of their furniture into robots, in order to create and army to fight each other. Panty goes to guard the fridge, thinking it would bring Stocking down, but it turns out Stocking had already eaten all the sweets stored inside the fridge.

Panty and her robots lock themselves inside the bathroom, making Stocking unable to use it. But Stocking and her robots, who are now all wearing diapers, ambush Panty once she comes out. A newcomer robot appears, and Panty, upon noticing he is a stud, proceeds to have sex with him. The robot explodes, hurting Panty's army even more. Now completely enraged, Panty goes to Stocking's base on the church's ceiling and engages Stocking in battle. Their fight lasts for several days and nights, until they decide to finish it on a final battle.

Panty and Stocking keep battling, destroying most of their robots in the process. Inside the church, Brief is awoken up by the angels' conflict, and upon noticing Masculimus and Femitron were still alive, he tries convincing them into stopping the angels' fight. The robots tell him their race considered dying in battle an honor, but Brief tells them war between robots is pointless, finally changing the robots' minds, who decide to merge themselves into a ghost to destroy the Earth instead. Garterbelt orders the angels to destroy the ghost, who upon being killed, explodes along the other robots, who leave thousands of foreign Heaven Coins behind. Brief tries comforting the Anarchy sisters, but they decide to keep fighting each other instead.


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