Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt The Original Soundtrack was produced by ☆Taku Takahashi. It is the first original soundtrack of the Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt series. The album contains most of the songs featured throughout the first season of the show.

The first season's opening theme is "Theme for Panty & Stocking", performed by Hoshina Anniversary, and the ending theme is "Fallen Angel", performed by Mitsunori Ikeda featuring Aimee B. The album also contains a hidden track, which talks about the possibility of a second season.

Track ListEdit

Title Length
1. "Theme for Panty & Stocking"   0:32
2. "Immoral Church"   0:27
3. "Fly Away"   4:23
4. "Daten City"   0:49
5. "Beverly Hills Cock"   1:25
6. "Pantscada"   1:59
7. "Dancefloor Orgy"   3:33
8. "D City Rock"   4:32
9. "Juice"   1:03
10. "EPTM (Booty Bronx Remix)"   4:16
11. "Cherryboy Riot"   4:33
12. "Technodildo"   4:30
13. "CHOCOLAT"   4:06
14. "Theme for Scanty & Kneesocks"   4:13
15. "Schranz Chase"   5:23
16. "Tenga Step"   2:52
17. "See-Through"   4:47
18. "Corset Theme"   4:34
19. "Champion"   4:51
20. "Fallen Angel"   15:55

Secret TrackEdit

Panty: Hey Stocking! I heard our anime Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt has got the green light for a sequel thanks to its popularity!
Stocking: What? Who the hell decided that?
Panty: Speaking of a sequel... how about a trilogy? Hell, let's go further! We will reach season one hundred! A Hollywood remake is not a dream!
Stocking: Hey wait, Panty!
Panty: In fact, this planet is too small for us! Panty in the space! The whole universe will be calling my name!
Stocking: Shit!
Panty: So when will it start?
Stocking: How should I know, shitty bitch!
Panty: Coming up next, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, Season Two!
Stocking: Wait! I told you it hasn't been decided yet! But, practically speaking, it's up to director Imaishi now, right?

Album BookletEdit


  • The "Beverly Hills Cock" track title is a reference to the American action comedy film, Beverly Hills Cop.
  • "Tenga" is a Japanese line of sex toys.
  • Fly Away is Panty & Stocking's transformation theme.

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