Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt The Bonus Soundtrack was produced by ☆Taku Takahashi. It was included in the 4th DVD/BD release. The album contains TV versions of certain songs from the original soundtrack, as well as previously unreleased songs.

Track ListEdit

Title Length
1. "Fly Away (TV Version)"   2:08
2. "Theme for Panty & Stocking (Slow Version)"   1:27
3. "Sub Title"   0:13
4. "Daten City (TV Version)"   3:45
5. "Flamenco (TV Version)"   1:03
6. "Fighting (TV Version)"   2:01
7. "Burrrrrp (TV Version)"   0:50
8. "Juice (TV Version)"   1:05
9. "Dancefloor Orgy (TV Version)"   1:02
10. "Stocking's Diet (TV Version)"   1:03
11. "Zombie (TV Version)"   1:39
12. "Death Metal (TV Version)"   1:09
13. "Theme for Scanty & Kneesocks (TV Version)"   1:48
14. "Corset Theme (Orchestral) (TV Version)"   2:21
15. "Corset Theme (TV Version)"   1:34
16. "Cry (TV Version)"   1:14
17. "Epilogue (TV Version)"   1:25
18. "Fallen Angel (TV Version)"   0:58

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