Panty & Stocking in Sanitarybox
Panty and Stocking in SanitaryBox Logo
Kanji サニタリーボックスにパンティ&ストッキング
Rōmaji Sanitarībokkusu ni Panti Sutokkingu
Season Special
Episode № 1
Air Date JP: April 28, 2011
EN: January 15, 2013
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Panty and Stocking in Sanitarybox is a special installment of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt consisting of eight shorts.

List of ShortsEdit

"Heroine Interview"Edit

Panty is invited to throw the first pitch at a baseball game.

"Geek of the Dead"Edit

In the sequel to "...Of the Dead ", Brief goes on a date with the zombified Panty.

"Map of the Daten City"Edit

Garterbelt gives a tour of the city while partaking in sexual activity with young boys.

"Chuck to the Future Part 4"Edit

Chuck navigates a Super Mario Bros.-style world.

"Brothers of the Roundhead"Edit

The secret ingredient of Prickles is revealed.

"District B"Edit

Garterbelt plays with his nipples in the bath.

"The Hairdresser's Bad Wife"Edit

Panty begins cutting Stocking's hair after getting gum stuck in it.

"Bitch Flash"Edit

Panty and Stocking's transformation scene is altered with flash animation.

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