The anime Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt spawned quite a few memes. Here are a few of them:


In episode 4, "The Diet Syndrome ", Panty finds out that Stocking is on a diet which she never has to go on. When Panty asks Stocking about her diet, her over exaggerated expression and Stocking's horrific reaction became a parody. The scene has also been featured in YouTube Poop Music Videos.

Transformation Scene

From the first episode, "Excretion Without Honor and Humanity ", there is a scene where the two Angels transform their lingerie into weapons. The templates used in this scene are for people wanting to make their own characters. However, the templates from this particuar scene sometimes have different anime characters. The song "Fly Away " has also been used in the videos, entitled "Fly Away Goes With Everything". This is a common target for most parodies.

Stocking A.

The song Fly Away plays during this scene

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