Hellton Casino is a popular casino in Daten City. Angels appear to be impossibly lucky while playing any of the games in it, for Panty and Stocking were both able to reach their goal of $3 million in a short amount of time.

The casino has a V.I.P. section, where mostly card games are played. Hellton Casino was later revealed to be operated by both Scanty and Kneesocks. They then noticed Panty and Stocking were in their casino and winning too much money, so they started cheating in order to make them lose. People who lose all of their money are automatically swallowed by a tube and kicked out. Money Ghost, a ghost being kept in the casino's basement that consumed gamblers' money.

Hellton Casino was first featured in "The Stripping".


  • The Hellton Casino is most likely a play off of the name of the real life casino, "Hilton Casino".